Want to put into practice the permaculture ethics of people care and surplus share? Here is an ideal opportunity.

We are looking for donations to enable participation from our Asian neighbours. We have had some interest from permaculturalists from Mongolia, Timor, Vietnam and Bali (so far) who would love to attend APC13 but struggle to find the finances to do so. Tranh from Vietnam only earns about $3 a day, but is keen to share his knowledge about waterfowl and pond building. We would hope that any sponsored guests from overseas will contribute in some way to APC13, and this will be part of the conditions to bring them here. Permaculture is about everyone having a contribution to make to the whole.

If you can help please click on the appropriate “donate to support overseas attendees” button.

Conferences are also very expensive to organise. If you would like to donate some money to help PermaWest with expenses please click on the appropriate button in the registration area. We will commit to pass on any surplus funds that people have donated to the next APC event.