A message from Ross Mars, Convenor APC13

We are seeking volunteers to help with the organisation of the next Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC13) in Perth, October 2016. We need people to help organise courses and workshops, run a bookstore, meet and greet during the convergence, be involved in the one-day Expo (for the general public), manage a website, and lots of other important tasks that will make the convergence a success.

 The Expo and Convergence will be held at Swanleigh in Middle Swan October 2-5 inclusive with tours during the following two days and courses (Advanced Design and Advanced Teaching for one week post Convergence).

This is the first time that the Australian Convergence has come to Perth and marks an important milestone for the permaculture movement here in the west.

If you think you can find some time over the next year or even to be able to help out over the four or five days in October next year, we would love to hear from you.

You can also join our facebook page – search for APC13 and ask to be a member.

APC13 Jobs/tasks to be filled

The list below of the number of volunteers we require is not exhaustive, but a working draft which can be changed as we progress. It is time now to ask for co-ordinators for each of these positions. These are unpaid jobs and while it may be possible to offset some of your Convergence expenses you cannot expect it to be so. These tasks are essentially performed by volunteers who wish to be involved in APC13 and to promote permaculture in this state and in Australia. The list is in no particular order.

  1. Program – 3 days (expo separate), including some people to select/veto submissions
  2. Expo – 1 day (but setup Saturday pm), celebrities, workshops, displays, sponsors
  3. Post APC13 courses – 2 people for Adv Teach, Adv Design. Programs, presenters, venue/s, billeting, meals and transport
  4. AV equipment – inc laptops, digital projectors, recording equipment, digital cameras and stands – 4 sets
  5. General Admin A. carbon–offset program. B. bookshop, stores, equipment
  6. Venue liaison – catering, Swanleigh, room allocation – singles, couples, families
  7. Pick-ups - airport, train (work with bus hire person, volunteer car pickups)
  8. Fundraising, crowd funding, sponsorship (inc to bring participants from Mongolia, Bali and Indonesia, other SE Asia)
  9. Publishing and Printing. Flyers, booklet, edit abstracts (ties in with publicity and program)
  10. During APC13
  11. Welcoming, check-in, room allocation
  12. Room set-ups – time keepers, introducing speakers (4), rosters
  13. Daily program manager (4) – Convenor, Program co-ordinator and 2 others
  14. Volunteer co-ordinator. Organise and manage everyone.

You can contact Ross on 0439971213 or email Ross at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to ask questions or clarify anything, or just to say YES.