Following on from David Holmgren’s opening address, Josh will showcase some of the projects his team have designed and implemented – from community gardens, adventure playgrounds and recreational playspace to large-scale housing developments and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

In keeping with the tradition of selecting an APC host, this is a call for nominations to host APC14 in 2018.

We are very pleased to announce that Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren will be presenting a keynote address on Wednesday morning at APC13.

His talk will focus on the following questions:

  • Why retrofitting, not new build, should be the focus of most permaculture design.
  • Why the suburbs should be the focus of most permaculture design.
  • Why building better households rather than houses should be a strategic focus of permaculture activism.
  • Why garden and urban agriculture has such a strong future in a world of climate chaos, peak energy and economic contraction.

David will highlight a very diverse range of DIY action in the suburbs with and without the permaculture label.

Want to put into practice the permaculture ethics of people care and surplus share? Here is an ideal opportunity.

Perth is hosting the Thirteenth Australasian Permaculture Convergence. It will be held at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre (formerly Swanleigh) in Middle Swan. Now that things are in full swing here is an overview of what is happening over the first two weeks of October. This very special event will be held in WA for the first time, and is ideal opportunity to tell your story, to hear others talk about important issues for the permaculture movement, be inspired by our permaculture heroes, undertake courses delivered by world renown permaculture educators, hop on a bus to tour permaculture sites, and to be a part of the worldwide permaculture community.

There are two aspects of APC13 – some events are open to the public (those with little permaculture background and experience), and the main event typically limited to PDC holders. Attendance of APC13 is open to all Permaculture Design Course (PDC) holders. In light of the recent introduction of Accredited Permaculture Training (APT), anyone who has at least a CIII Permaculture is also entitled to attend.

When families attend or those who have partners with little permaculture training background, then at least one adult must be a PDC or APT graduate, and we would encourage all adults to undertake a PDC so that they can get the most from the sessions with the necessary background information that is assumed. Please contact your local providers of permaculture courses to see what is available before APC13 begins.

To clarify these two distinctions, those events open to anyone are coloured blue and those only for PDC graduate are red. PDC graduates can also attend any activities in blue.

Wednesday to Friday Sept 28-30. Localising Food Facilitation Training with Robina McCurdy.

Sunday October 2. Permaculture Festival. Come along to this free event and hear prominent permaculture speakers, such as David Holmgren, Graham Bell and Josh Byrne, be involved in practical sessions, examine permaculture resources and sample food and products from permaculture practitioners and other like-minded organisations. There is even a band to finish the proceedings (Formidable Vegetable Sound System).

Monday to Wednesday Oct 3-5. Convergence. Keynote speakers (including futurist Anni Macbeth. ABC TV media Josh Byrne and co-originator of permaculture David Holmgren), concurrent sessions on the theme of Designing for Resilience (including education, community, design, research etc), inspiring talks on innovative practices, video interaction with Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition movement), and ample networking opportunities for all attendees. This is the main event for practitioners throughout Australia and our neighbouring countries.

Thursday Oct 6. One day Bus tour to metropolitan properties.

Thursday Oct 6. One day workshop Future Scenarios with David Holmgren.

Thursday and Friday Oct 6 and 7. Two day Bus trip to either South-west (Margaret River, Balingup, Nannup) or to and from Geraldton visiting farming properties, the Pinnacles and the Dryland Permaculture Institute.

Friday Oct 7. One day Bus tour to hills properties

Saturday and Sunday Oct 8 and 9. Two day workshops.

  1. Advanced Life Design with Cecilia Macaulay.
  2. Fast Track Urban Permaculture with Robina McCurdy.
  3. Advanced Principles with David Holmgren.

Monday to Friday Oct 10-14. Five day workshops.

  1. Advanced Teaching Course with Robin Clayfield, Charles Otway and Annaliese Hordern.
  2. Advanced Design Course with Graham Bell and Ross Mars.

Information, full details of all courses and tours, and costs about all of these events are detailed on our website. Other questions can be directed by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Submissions are now open for presentations, workshops and specific sessions during APC13. You are invited to submit a half to one page abstract of your presentation outline for consideration. A selection panel will review all submissions and chose those that will complement each other and provide a balance, depth and spread to discussion on the themes of the convergence.

We are looking for a site or two as a design exercise for the Advanced Design Course after APC13.

A message from Ross Mars, Convenor APC13

We are seeking volunteers to help with the organisation of the next Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC13) in Perth, October 2016. We need people to help organise courses and workshops, run a bookstore, meet and greet during the convergence, be involved in the one-day Expo (for the general public), manage a website, and lots of other important tasks that will make the convergence a success.

People: APC13 needs a small team of tech guys and gals to film, record and set-up four concurrent sessions in rooms and halls.