Advanced Permaculture Teaching Course (October 10-14, 2016)

Presenters will be Robin Clayfield, Charles Otway and Annaliese Hordern, and a few guests will give you their teaching tips.

This five-day course covers the whole range of learning and teaching styles and strategies to enable you to have confidence about teaching and facilitating many of the permaculture-related courses that are on offer. The course will include outlines for Intro, PDC’s, Advanced courses and Accredited Permaculture Training. Sessions will be run on how we learn, lesson plans, facilitation techniques, teaching resources (tool kit), course organisation and public speaking, and much more.

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Monday 10th to Fiday 14 Oct 2017 - Location:  Alfred Hines Seaside Camp
Cnr Hymus Street & Palm Beach Drive, Rockingham WA 

Accommodation: While there are beds – mostly small numbers in dorm rooms – there are no double beds for couples, nor linen. Anyone enrolling in any of the Advanced Courses on Saturday/Sunday or Monday to Friday will have to supply their own towel, pillow, sleeping bag or blankets, sheets etc. We hope that all West Australians who are coming will provide their own linen as well as bringing some along for our interstate and overseas visitors.

The course accommodation co-ordinator will be touch with locals to see how you can help out. In the meantime, please email us to offer your help in this regard. Obviously, put your name on whatever you can, so you can be assured of getting your items back.

Transport: Course participants will be transported from Swanleigh (APC13 site) to Rockingham early Saturday morning. Locals are encouraged to drive there themselves. As there are other people checking out of the campsite Saturday morning, all courses starting on that day will commence from 11 am. You will be allocated sleeping arrangements at the end of the day. At this stage, direct any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Course will be held between hours 9 am to 5 pm daily


Key Topic Headings


Setting the learning environment

Goal Setting and group needs

Learning theory and methodology

What creates a successful group? What supports an effective learning environment?

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning'

Foundational principles and ethics

Group agreements

Group and personal empowerment, positive attitude

Favourite PDC topics

Small group confidence building

Course outlines and programs, different types of courses

Permaculture principles card game

Educational Kinaesiology

Trust building in groups


Revision exercises and morning processes

Learning modes

Left/right brain integration

Triune Brain

Multiple intelligences

Toolbox of processes and methods

The art and skill of teaching and facilitation

Cycles and patterns of learning

Interesting content

Learning retention

Accelerated learning

Mind Mapping

The importance of breaks

Program planning

The 6 steps planning model

Creative and Glue processes


Team work

Feedback and evaluation

Working in the field, branching out

APT training

Site specifics

Content specifies

Process stock take – creative, glue and standard processes

How to use the toolbox – dial a process

Balancing content and process

Making standard processes more effective

Leading a Permaculture Design Exercise – How do you?


Course and personal organisation

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

Presentations Planning

Skills assessment

Time lining and organising a course

Useful resources


Attendee Presentations

Evaluation and Feedback

Wrap up

Pack up and head home :)

Robin Clayfield

Robin Clayfield has dedicated her life to teaching and facilitating groups while pioneering applications for holistic and multi-sensory learning and interactive educational methods. She has been teaching Permaculture since the late 80's and has trained 100's of teachers all around the world.

Robin is the author of You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too, the Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit and a variety of educational card games, resources, learning kits and a CD. She is also the co-author of The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively which initiated the use of creative teaching methods in Permaculture 20 years ago and is now used on over 65 countries.

Charles Otway, with his business Terra Perma Design, is one of the main Permaculture educators in Western Australia presenting PDC's, and ‘sustainability’ workshops for councils, business and the general public. As PDC course and book developer, primary teacher and facilitator he has many learning's and skills to pass on.

Terra Perma is a successful Permaculture business providing the main income stream for his family so students will be able to tap into this holistic range of management, financial and people skills and media/promotional experience.

Annaliese Hordern is a passionate Permaculture educator and designer, and a regular guest speaker and workshop facilitator at community events and festivals. Excited by curriculum development, she enjoys designing new learning tools and mentoring her students towards their personal goals in sustainability and design. Annaliese is a Director of Permaculture Australia and lists useful plants, localising food and preparedness for community response to disaster as important to her.