This five day course covers all aspects of designing for resilience. There will be many practical activities including designing both an urban and a small acreage property. There will be sessions on systems thinking, site analysis, drawing to scale, surveying, report writing, costing projects, work opportunities, bioregional resources and much more. Presented by Graham Bell and Ross Mars.

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DRAFT PROGRAM - May change a little in topics, depth and sequence


Design process/steps inc goal setting for both client and you, systems thinking, holistic decision making. Design checklist, site analysis, selling Pc/yourself, design tools, consultancy kit.

Practicals - observation exercise, drawing to scale.

Preparation for site visits - examine maps and photos that client has provided. Client's wish list.


Am Design principles, differences between urban and rural designs. Use of laser and dumpy levels for survey work - practical. Discuss and demonstrate simple soil and water testing that can be undertaken.

Pm Design work at urban and small acreage property - afternoon site visits. Discussion with client. Measure site, make notes, take photos. Soil and water testing as appropriate. Sector analysis. Examine local resources - on property, nearby in district.


General group discussion of ideas for designs. Small group (3 to 4 people) brainstorming and sketches. Presentation of ideas, draft designs.

Collate and work on composite design (whole group task). Design write-up, report writing. Allocate tasks. Some to research for bioregional resources - nurseries, soil supplies, earthmoving contractors etc. Artwork inc 3D. Computer generated designs. Some for research on plant and animals species - use existing master list to 'cut and paste'.

(possible two separate designs for around house and small acres at same property, but also looking at two different properties at moment.)


Continue with write-ups and artwork.

Design presentations. Finish draft reports.

pm Revisit clients and present draft for their feedback.

Continue with edits to reports and design artwork.


Costing - rates, consultation, design, contracts, quotes

Case studies of designs, choosing a property - comparing one property to another for a client.

Reading contour maps for keyline, swales, drains, saddles, ridges, valleys

Dams - shape, size, capacity

Importance of species knowledge and soil management

Work opportunities


Liabilities, insurance

Planning and managing implementation.

Advertising, brochures, business cards

Further training opportunities - APT

Open forum - question time


Monday 10th to Fiday 14 Oct 2017 - Location:  Alfred Hines Seaside Camp
Cnr Hymus Street & Palm Beach Drive, Rockingham WA 

Accommodation: While there are beds – mostly small numbers in dorm rooms – there are no double beds for couples, nor linen. Anyone enrolling in any of the Advanced Courses on Saturday/Sunday or Monday to Friday will have to supply their own towel, pillow, sleeping bag or blankets, sheets etc. We hope that all West Australians who are coming will provide their own linen as well as bringing some along for our interstate and overseas visitors.

The course accommodation co-ordinator will be touch with locals to see how you can help out. In the meantime, please email us to offer your help in this regard. Obviously, put your name on whatever you can, so you can be assured of getting your items back.

Transport: Course participants will be transported from Swanleigh (APC13 site) to Rockingham early Saturday morning. Locals are encouraged to drive there themselves. As there are other people checking out of the campsite Saturday morning, all courses starting on that day will commence from 11 am. You will be allocated sleeping arrangements at the end of the day. At this stage, direct any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Course will be held between hours 9 am to 5 pm daily


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Graham Bell

Graham, and wife Nancy, live and work in the Scottish Borders. Their small property is a true forest garden (the oldest intentional Forest Garden in Britain) and many visitors come each year to attend Graham PDC’s, open days and workshops (and he has also taught permaculture on four continents). Graham is one of the UK’s most respected permaculture teachers and designers, and he will be sharing his extensive knowledge and experience during this course. Graham has written The Permaculture Way and The Permaculture Garden and these are essential reading for those who want to set up an urban jungle.


Ross Mars

Ross is Western Australia’s most experienced permaculture designer, teacher, author and consultant. Ross is the author or editor of five books on permaculture and two DVD’s on energy efficient housing design and renewable energy systems for power generation. His own permaculture journey is featured in the book Permaculture Pioneers – stories from the new frontier.

While he has taught many Permaculture Design Courses, Advanced Permaculture Teaching and Design Courses and a host of other permaculture-related courses, in recent years Ross has focused on presenting Accredited Permaculture Training in Western Australia.