Would you like to redesign your life for more joy, simplicity and connection? This course helps you to use the principles of permaculture to make your home a haven.

Permaculture design principles help you to create the world you want to live in. They are much, much more than just growing food. This workshop focuses on the application of these design principles to 'Zone Zero': the beauty, systems and relationships that happen inside the space you live in. 

The two day workshop will provide you with a foundation for redesigning your life. For those wanting ongoing support, there are six weekly follow-up projects and the opportunity for personal consultation in your home. We will discuss this option and the costs involved over the weekend.

Topics will include: A new look at Permaculture, Real-life inspiration stories, Become a user-experience designer of your own home (Zones 1-5, applied to reduce decision making), Minimum words but maximum communication, Creating an eco-system of mates and supporters, and much more!

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Cecilia Macaulay

Cecilia is both a Permaculture designer for our Inner life and a gifted artist, and she draws the quirky, love-filled worlds she wants to live in, and sometimes actually does. Originally from Melbourne she now lives in harbor-side Sydney, and sometimes Tokyo - her winter home of the last 21 years.

Cecilia is well known and admired for her mysterious workshops, home decluttering, hope-giving presentations and producing edible, self-maintaining balconyscapes.

To make sure this course is a good fit for you, talk to Cecilia about what parts of life you wish to transform. She been consulting and teaching these skills for over two decades in Australia and Japan, and has seen people’s lives deeply transformed by them. Cecilia knows your life will be transformed too.


Venue: Sat 8 & Sun 9 Oct 2017 - Location:  Alfred Hines Seaside Camp, Rockingham
Cnr Hymus Street & Palm Beach Drive, Rockingham WA 

Course fee includes all meals.

Fee includes meals for both days and accommodation on Sat 8th (for those attending APC13, workshops and tours prior your booking and transport will be individually arranged)


Email Cecilia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..