A conference such as APC13 involves many people and organisations.

The main planning has been undertaken by a committee based in PermacultureWest.

Carbon Offset – Let’s make a difference in Perth 2016

You can go online and find any number of calculators to work out the carbon produced by travel from one city to another and to also give you some estimate of cost. We intend to pursue this and find ways in which we can reduce everyone’s carbon footprint to attend the Convergence in Perth October 2016.

At APC13 we are committed to support caterers to source good local organic food.

Organising Committee of APC13

Convenor: Dr Ross Mars



Committee: Denise Fernie



Finances: Carole Corby


 PermacultureWest Representative: Charles Otway



Swanleigh liaison: Fiona Blackham



Secretary: Noala Degasperis


Naomi Coleman. The saying goes... Be the change you want to see - but I couldn't do everything, so I wanted to teach and empower people to be the change we all want to see!

Caroline Smith. Permaculture is one of the few ethical systems level approaches that offer a set of well-thought-out guiding principles, practical steps and most importantly, hope, for creating a better future. It just feels right.